e x p e r i e n c e

Day Owl llc | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 02020-NOW

Brand director for a regenerative bag company.

Almanac Ø llc | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 02015-NOW

A local design and object Co-Op with James Gall and Friends. We supply and improve pragmatic objects.

Fixing Fashion llc | Eindhoven, Netherlands. 02019-NOW

Developing open sourced methods and tools to fight textile pollution from the bottom up.

Nike inc | Portland, Oregon. 02018 - 02019

Materials and Graphics for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Material design for Nike Basketball with a focus on work for Ohio's own Lebron James.

Alaska Trip | 10,754 miles. Ohio -> Alaska -> Ohio. 02017

A journey across North America and back with James Gall, Paul Dufour, and Wyeth A-M.

Pininfarina Mahindra ltd | Miami, Florida. 02016

Design contract focused on product strategy for Cisco Systems in addition to leading textile and fashion consulting.

Brooks Running Berkshire Hathaway inc. | Seattle, Washington. 02015

Lead designer on two collaborative projects focused on identifying and serving new consumers as well as developing new biomechanical tracking methods to improve runner analysis.

AND1 Basketball Sequential Brands inc | New York, New York. 02014

Design on a small team developing footwear design, line strategy, color direction, material direction, production specifications, and factory visits.

Wilson Associates Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design Co., Ltd | New York, New York. 02014

Hospitality architecture and interior design consulting services for clients including Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont Resorts, and Hilton.

Marc Jacobs intl | New York, New York. 02014

Collection design intern responsible for technical CAD drawings and developing inspiration boards.

New Balance athletics inc | Boston, Massachusetts. 02013

Lifestyle footwear design internship. Work including design, specification and color of the Pennant 574 shoe sold in 02014.

e d u c a t i o n

University of Cincinnati: Design Architecture Art Planning

Cincinnati, Ohio
Industrial Design, Class of 02017. Cum Laude.

Hong Kong Polytechnic

Kowloon, Hong Kong
Institute of Textiles and Clothing
02015 Visiting Student Grant

Heidelberg University

Tiffin, Ohio
Liberal Arts Education in High School

Calvert High School

Tiffin, Ohio
Roman Catholic High School Education

s k i l l s e t


Sketching, Design Strategy, Consumer Analysis, Brand Development, Trend Forecasting, Rendering, Knitting, Weaving, Sewing, Pattern Development, Woodwork, Screen Printing, Cut and Stick Collage.


Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino, Vray, Solidworks, Microsoft Office, Keynote, Digital Collage.

i n v o l v e m e n t

Member Precious Plastic v4 / Project Common Label

Exhibitor Dutch Design Week, The New Order of Fashion 02019 "The End is Near"

Participant 02019 MIT Solve Collaborative Circular Economy Challenge

Founding Member Nike Blue Ribbon Studio Sustainability Club

Member Run Trill™ running crew, $140,000+ raised for cancer research

Founding Member Design in Mind, volunteer organization founded by Wyeth A-M

Selected DAAPcares social design showcase 02017, Boro Label

Builder 02012 Rural El Salvador wheelchair seat builder